Peter Morenstein

Cirecast, Inc.
custom metal work

Peter Morenstein has been a craftsman for most of his life, drawing, painting, and carving in any medium that was accessible to him. He acquired more formal training in the disciplines of metallurgy, mechanical engineering and design, receiving a BS in Industrial Design from the College of Engineering at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.

In 1970 he launched Cirecast, his  metal casting foundry and fabrication shop in San Francisco, which was nationally respected for the restoration and custom reproduction of hardware and other architectural products for historic buildings, including state capitols, civic buildings, and national monuments.

Peter has always been fascinated with the process of metal casting and has “poured” his energy into learning the associated trades, combining all the disciplines which he has acquired over the years. The science and art that was related to 19th century metal casting and pattern making became his specialty and his passion. He studied the lessons of the past in order to preserve them for future generations.   His goal was, and is, to pass his knowledge of historic design, pattern work, and hand fabrication onto future generations.

Along the way he also has discovered that his brain has to think and work in a unique way to support his artisanal multidisciplinary focus. This process is what he is focusing on at this time and, the understanding that the hand eye coordination of the craftsman is truly a state of grace.