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Goodall House Restoration

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Jerri Holan is a noted architect with preservation expertise, and the principal of Jerri Holan & Associates, AIA. She is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects who has served on the Board for the Fulbright Alumni Association and the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association and is currently the Chair of the American Institute of Architects’ Historical Resources Committee (SF Chapter). Ms. Holan completed her Masters degree at UC, Berkeley (Go Bears!) As a Fulbright Scholar, she conducted postgraduate work at the Arkitekturhøgskolen in Oslo, Norway, which culminated in her book, Norwegian Wood, A Tradition of Building. Her projects are frequently exhibited in “Small Firms, Great Projects,” sponsored by the American Institute of Architects.

Her firm is a nationally-recognized architectural firm with an old-fashioned mission: to create buildings connected to their context and to express these connections gracefully. The firm designs buildings that resonate with tradition and celebrate building crafts for today’s lifestyles.