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Victorian façade reconstruction


Skeeter Jones – Clearheart Fine Design and Building
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Skeeter Jones founded Clearheart in the early 1980’s. His work includes extensive design development, Victorian restorations, and architectural millwork. He learned to build houses with old Yankee craftsmen masters of New England. He has since enhanced the beauty of San Francisco by creating over 70 new Victorian facades from buildings previously stripped of their ornamental splendor by misguided modernization. Skeeter found an outlet for the expression of his artistic style through architecture.

Clearheart’s workmanship has been recognized with respect by House Beautiful, Professional Builder, Qualified Remodeler, Georgia Pacific, Pacific Lumber Company, Heritage Foundation, Union Street Association, California Redwood Association. Skeeter was featured on the cable TV Home and Garden Program “Modern Masters” and was also listed in the National Register’s Who’s Who 2001-2002 edition, the Victorian Alliance and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Clearheart is a licensed, bonded and insured company of carpenters and millwrights. Competent professionals in all aspects of a project are hired to assure an outstanding finished product.