Beate Brühl Design

Decorative Painting, Gilding, Restoration

Beate Brühl Design
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Beate Brühl focuses on the restoration and design of painted ornament in historic buildings. In her tool box, she carries a variety of traditional skills, such as gilding, stenciling, striping, faux graining/marbling, color matching, design. In addition to studying art and design at San Francisco State University, and Syracuse University, where she received her MFA, Beate trained at various trade schools in Germany.

Being in command of decorative painting techniques, Beate Brühl is able to re-create previously hidden ornament, and colors, after she uncovered them. As an artist working on construction projects, she has been the liaison between conservation architects, construction companies, and clients. Her numerous projects have included theaters, churches, hotels, and civic buildings.

Together with an architecture team she has received the Governor’s Preservation Award, and the California Preservation Foundation Award for the California Theater, Pittsburg, CA, and the New Mission Theater, San Francisco.