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Lynne Rutter Murals and Decorative Painting
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Lynne Rutter is widely recognized as an expert decorative painter and fine art muralist, whose work emphasizes ornament, color, and gilding. Lynne studied fine art, architecture and design at the University of California at Berkeley, and furthered her training by working as a scenic artist, and apprenticing with several notable decorative artists, managing a large commercial mural studio with national and international installations. In 1990, she founded her own boutique atelier, with a mission to create custom, fine-art murals, and “super-fussy ornament, the kind you have to do by hand, and that you want to look at up-close.” In recent years her work has included more color consulting and interior design, and she has been featured as a painter and as a designer in many Bay Area and San Francisco Decorator Showcase House events.
Lynne’s continuing interest in period design and traditional materials led her to work on a large number of historic buildings, and she has participated in the restoration of the painted ornament in churches and civic buildings, as well as Victorians and period-revival homes. In modern architecture Lynne applies her knowledge and skill to adorn previously barren spaces with original designs and interesting surfaces: the skills and techniques used are similar even as the definition of ‘contemporary’ changes from year to year.
You can see more of Lynne’s work at her website and on her blog “The Ornamentalist” where she writes about the finer points of ornamental painting.