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Heidi Wright Mead
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Heidi Wright Mead, C.P. is a wallpaper hanger, certified by the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers, and has won national awards for her work. The most recent for re-purposing an antique DeGournay Mural. She loves her craft and enjoys being part of the team with designers, architects, builders, artists and homeowners to create beautiful spaces. She calls herself a paperhanger but admits that title is limited in today’s world of papers, textiles, fibers, shells, magnets, and fabrics.

What do paperhangers do? How do they take your design vision and get it on the wall?  Heidi is proficient in the art, and craft, of being a paperhanger. Let her help you understand what makes a beautiful installation. How the team of hanger and client can collaborate successfully. She understands realistic expectations for some of today’s tricky products, as well as creative possibilities that lie within the world of wallcovering.