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Andrew Lawrence — Gentleman Scholar Signs
415 724-9512

Gentleman Scholar Signs is a boutique sign shop specializing in hand painted and gold leaf signage. Founded by Andrew Lawrence in 2012, Gentleman Scholar Signs aims to preserve the tradition of hand made signs while pushing the craft into the future. His signs can be found at over a hundred sites in Northern California, ranging in scale from the transom address numbers that define San Francisco’s historic charms, to the largest hand-painted sign in San Francisco, a 200 foot long sign on the American Industrial Center in San Francisco’s Dogpatch. Signs are part of the fabric of our landscape and Andrew Lawrence strives to use his excellent craftsmanship to uplift the aesthetic values of community. Adaptable to the unique demands of each new project, Gentleman Scholar approaches all work with the same personalization and dedication to producing quality, lost lasting signs that match the clients desires. Clients are wide ranging and include Levi’s, Google, Twitter, and Hollywood film productions though most often, Lawrence’s work is with small, local businesses who he strives to support and develop lasting relationships with.

Large scale or small, hand painted or gold leaf, whether you know just what you want or are looking for creative guidance – reach out to Andrew Lawrence of Gentleman Scholar signs for all your hand-lettered needs.