Jane Powell

jane powell

Jane Powell was a restoration consultant, house restorer, lecturer, color consultant and the author of six books and countless articles about design written for trade magazines including Old House Journal, Style 1900, and American Bungalow, as well as, feature articles for the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine. Her books include Bungalow Kitchens, Bungalow Bathrooms, Bungalow Details: Exterior, Bungalow Details: Interior, Bungalow: The Ultimate Arts and Crafts Home, and Linoleum. She was a popular and entertaining speaker who lectured at The Grove Park Arts and Crafts Conference, Pasadena’s Craftsman Weekend, and many others. Due to her quick wit and the ability to make puns about almost anything, she was labeled the “Bad Girl of Bungalow Writing.” As a hands-on restorer she brought ten vintage homes back to life with the kind of knowledge that can be gained only from practical experience. She was uniquely qualified to help her clients avoid the pitfalls that come with the restoration of older homes. Jane dedicated her last years to the restoration of her beloved “Bungamansion,” the 1905 Jesse Matteson house in Oakland, California. Jane Powell joined Artistic License at the beginning of the new millennium and served as one of its more entertaining directors. She was active in the group throughout her valiant struggle with cancer until her death in 2012.