Nzilani Glass Conservation

glass conservation, restoration & commissioned works

Ariana Makau–Nzilani Glass Conservation
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Nzilani is an award-winning firm known for all facets of stained glass preservation and architectural art glass creation.

For over 25 years Nzilani has worked in museums and holds real-world experience from glass object conservation to residential work to the preservation of windows and domes in monumental historic buildings. By teaming with nonprofits, Nzilani includes Oakland youth in its success by providing paid internships to those who are underserved.

Nzilani’s core values, “Be Safe. Have Fun. Do Excellent Work.” guide all Nzilani projects. Through various articles and presentations nationwide our non-judgmental style about lead safety bridges the gap between health & safety regulators and those in the stained-glass industry.

Nzilani adheres to the AIC Code of Ethics as well as the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards of Preservation. Recent awards include California Preservation Foundation Awards in Preservation Design for our work at Resurrection Oakland and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Nzilani’s President, Ariana Makau is a Board Member and the Health & Safety Chair of the Stained Glass Association of America, and holds a Masters in Stained Glass Conservation from the Royal College of Art, London, England.