Peter Bridgman

Peter Bridgman was a master wallcovering expert, widely known for his intricate and precise installations of period wallpaper systems such as those designed by Bradbury and Bradbury Art Wallpapers. He installed over four hundred fifty ornamental ceilings that were designed with their hand-printed papers. His work can be seen in homes and commercial buildings all across the country. Photos of Peter’s work grace the pages of numerous publications, especially those of his longtime friend, Paul Duchscherer, author of many books about period design. No design was too complicated for Peter to handle. He was an expert at mural installations, being especially appreciated by mural painters for his keen eye and knowledge of art and decor. In his later years he studied art restoration, spending a year in Florence, Italy, to learn new skills and techniques. Peter became a member of Artistic License in 1990 and devoted his abundant energy to guild activities for twenty years until his death from a brain tumor in September, 2010.