Larry Boyce

With his vast knowledge of Victorian design and his worn red bicycle, legendary decorative painter Larry Boyce traveled over two hundred thousand miles through the western regions of the U.S. and inspired a stenciling revolution.

Bruce Bradbury

A charter member of Artistic License, Bruce Bradbury is the founder of Bradbury and Bradbury Art Wallpapers,  a small hand printing studio with an international reputation for fine reproductions of wallpapers from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Peter Bridgman

Peter Bridgman was a master wallcovering expert, widely known for his intricate and precise installations of period wallpaper systems.

Man-Cave Renovation

Rick Irving Design

Rick has focused his entire career as an Interior Architect, Designer and Craftsman on developing timeless, well resolved spaces for his clients.

Nzilani Glass Conservation

Nzilani is an award-winning firm known for all facets of stained glass preservation and architectural art glass creation.

Helios Art Glass

Helios Art Glass is an architectural glass studio specializing in the creation and restoration of traditional leaded glass windows and skylights.

Ceniza Glass Studio

Specializing in conservation and creation of stained glass, Greer Ashman combines fine craft skills with art-historical sensitivity.

Beate Brühl Design

Beate Brühl focuses on the restoration of painted ornament in historic buildings. In her tool box she carries a variety of traditional skills, such as gilding, stenciling, striping, faux graining/marbling, color matching, design.